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Current Issue

Vulgata in Dialogue 1 (2017) has just been published.

Brief Presentation

The Vulgate in Dialogue is an international peer-reviewed on-line academic journal,
with open access, founded in 2016, that publishes once a year articles in biblical
exegesis, theology in general, philology, history and other fields related to the domain
of the Biblia Sacra Vulgata. 

The work of translating and editing the Vulgate within two similar projects almost simultaneously launched – the one in German (Vulgata Verein / Walter de Gruyter Berlin, initiated in 2011)
and the one in Romanian (A. I. Cuza University, Traditio Centre, Jassy / Humanitas publishing house, that started in 2010) —, revealed specific issues that are worth publishing for the benefit of the biblical studies as a whole. Our journal intends to contribute to research in the field of the Vulgate,
with approaches from various fields, including the inter-disciplinary ones.

ISSN 2504-5156

Call for Papers

Our journal is calling for contributions for its next issue (May 2018). The deadline for manuscript submission is 31th December 2017.

Articles must conform to our Instruction for Authors, available here:

Submissions to be considered for publication will be subject to a double-blind peer review process. More information on our website:

Authors should send manuscripts as attachments to an e-mail directed to either

  1. -Prof. dr. Michael Fieger m.fieger(at)

  2. -Assoc. Prof. dr. Wilhelm Tauwinkl tauwinkl(at)

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