Instructions for Authors

Title, language and author information

All articles submitted should have descriptive titles and abstracts.

English is the recommended language for the articles submitted. If the contributions are written in other international languages, the title and abstract should be translated in English.

A footnote following the author’s name should provide his or her academic affliliation and full contact information (mailing address, including the country, and e-mail address).

Text formatting

The text formatting should be as simple as possible. Please use the default page format, font and paragraph styles of your word processor (e.g. MS Word, Open Office Writer etc.). Please do not manually modify fonts or other properties, avoid using TAB, underlining and bold, and use Italics instead for emphasis.

For texts using non-latin alphabets, please use unicode fonts. If not possible, please provide the font together with the article.

Bibliographic references

Cited references should provide complete bibliographic information. The titles of journals, series, dictionaries should be abbreviated according to Schwertner, Siegfried M., IATG3. Internationales Abkürzungsverzeichnis für Theologie und Grenzgebiete. Zeitschriften, Serien, Lexika, Quellenwerke mit bibliographischen Angaben, W. de Gruyter, Berlin/Boston ³2014.

Citation examples (for the first citation):

Book:Plater, William Edward, A Grammar of the Vulgate Being an Introduction to

the Study of the Latinity of the Vulgate Bible, Clarendon Press, Oxford

1926, 11-12.

Book belonging to a series:Schürmann, Heinz, Das Lukasevangelium (HThKNT 3), Herder,

Freiburg 1969, 33-34.

Journal articles:Gilson, Étienne, „Pourquoi saint Thomas a critiqué saint Augustin“,

AHDLMA 1 (1926) 5-127, here 54.

Chapter of an edited book:Dewey, Joanna, „The Gospel of Mark“, in Schüssler Fiorenza,

Elisabeth (ed.), Searching the Scriptures, vol. II, SCM Press, London –

New York 1995, 470-509.

Dictionary article:Burkitt, Francis Crawford, „Text and Versions“, EB 4 (1903) 4977-5031.

Ancient and medieval texts:Augustinus, In Ev. Io. Tract. VI, 1.

Works of Thomas Aquinas:Thomas Aquinas, Super Sent., lib. 1 d. 8 q. 1 a. 1 ad 4. (abbreviations:

Magisterial documents:Unitatis redintegratio, 12.

Internet documents:* * *, „New Testament“, Encyclopædia Britannica Online, Encyclopædia

Britannica Inc. 2012, <>

(retrieved 19.12.2016)

Further citations

Full bibliographic information will be provided for the first citation only. Further citations will include last name of the author(s), first relevant words of the title, and page(s) numbers, as in the following examples:

Book:Plater, A Grammar, 11-12.

Journal articles:Gilson, „Pourquoi saint Thomas“, 54.

Dictionary article:Burkitt „Text and Versions“, 4978.